We equip individuals to grow and change, in a Biblical way, in their thinking and doing.

We provide opportunities for these individuals to guide others towards change.


We provide a Biblical counselling service that offers you the opportunity to receive counselling wherever you are.

counselling TRAINING

Explore and learn different aspects of biblical counselling. More details on the Training page.

The Bible has been the absolute authority in the formulation of the counselling model. This model equips believers to counsel people effectively. The courses also equip professional persons to approach individuals from a Biblical perspective.

Students will understand and apply a Biblical Mentoring Model, developing a personal purpose and strategy based on a God-given personal “Unique Design”. Applying and aligning the above principles to organisational / entrepreneurial strategy.

Biblical trauma counselling
This course focuses on knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of Biblical trauma counselling. Students will also experience growth in character attributes during this course.

Biblical child & family counselling

Students will learn insight and skills regarding a Biblical counselling method with children and their parents/guardians as well as experience character growth in humility, love, trustworthiness and spiritual maturity.