Counselling training



*Biblical counselling course 1 is compulsory in order to complete course 4: Biblical Mentoring
**Biblical counselling courses 1 - 3 are compulsory in order to complete courses 5 & 6


Each course (1 - 6): R7 600

Deposit of R1 500 payable upon registration. Balance paid monthly over 10 months.

Short Courses: R200

General Inquiries:

Biblical counselling

The Bible has been the absolute authority in the formulation of our Counselling Model. This model provides the basis for believers to counsel people effectively. Professional persons will be able to approach their work from a Biblical perspective.
Course 1: Biblical counselling
(1 Year)
Students grow in their understanding of:
  • Why people do what they do
  • How does change happen
  • How and where Biblical counsellors can assist counselees
  • Applying the Biblical model in counselling persons with depression, stress, addiction or other forms of suffering
Course 2: Practical Biblical counselling (1 year)

Studying and applying principles of Scripture usage; cooperation with and referral to other helping professionals; counselling ethics (e.g. confidentiality; transparency); a legal framework for counsellors. Only for students who’ve completed Course 1.

Equipping students in telephonic communication; written/email counselling; report writing; documenting counselling sessions.

Course 3: Advanced course in the practice of biblical counselling

Based on the skills acquired in Course 2, students will develop an understanding of the advanced practical application of ABBO’s Biblical Counselling Model.

Biblical mentoring

Students will understand and apply a Biblical Mentoring Model, developing a personal purpose and strategy based on a God-given personal “Unique Design”. Applying and aligning the above principles to organisational/ entrepreneurial strategy (Completion of Course 1 is a pre-requisite).

The ABBO mentors have many years’ experience in corporate and entrepreneurial businesses, guiding you to use God’s resources in blessing others.

Biblical trauma counselling

This course focuses on knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of Biblical trauma counselling.

Students who’ve completed Courses 1-3, will be equipped to understand childhood, sexual, acute and chronic trauma from a Biblical perspective.

Biblical child & family counselling

Only for students who have completed Courses 1-3.

On completion of this course students should have insight and skills regarding a Biblical counselling method with children and their parents/guardians. All phases of childhood (from pre- birth to adolescence) are covered.

These courses are typical one-day courses and will be announced on the website. They will be available online through video streaming from 2021 - or physical attending at an announced location. You can request a short course in your area.
Examples of short courses:
  • Marriage
  • How to live joyfully in all circumstances
  • Suffering
  • Listening and communicating on a deeper level
  • Anger and mercy