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Course 1: Biblical Counselling


The Biblical counselling courses are the result of research started in 1968 by the Christian Counselling and Education Foundation (CCEF) in Philadelphia (USA) and had been further developed by the Association for Biblical Counselling and Education (ABBO) in Randburg (SA).

The Bible has been the absolute authority in the formulation of the counselling model.

By means of the counselling model, believers are equipped to counsel people effectively.

The courses also equip professional persons to approach individuals from a Biblical perspective.

Course 1: Biblical Counselling

Outcomes of the course
On completion of Course 1, students will demonstrate the following:

Semester 1
1.  Knowledge of principles of the Biblical counselling model with regards to,

  •     Dynamics of Biblical Counselling
  •     Methods of Biblical Change
  •     Creativity in Biblical Counselling
  •     Biblical Counselling in Everyday Life
  •     Biblical Perspectives on Counselling

A student qualifies for Semester 2 after completing Semester 1.

Semester 2
1.  Knowledge of application of the Biblical counselling model with regards to,

  •     Marriage and Family Counselling
  •     The essential characteristics of a Biblical Counsellor
  •     Counselling persons with depression, stress, addiction or other forms of suffering

2.  Skilled to

  •    apply Biblical dynamics of change in own life and do self-examination according to Biblical principles.
  •    apply Biblical counselling principles in case studies, counselling projects and discussions.

3. Attitude / values

  •    Growth in character attributes like humility, love, perseverance and spiritual maturity.

Learning area
The principles of the Biblical counselling model and its application in all counselling situations.


  •    Distance education. Study material provided on a CD or in electronic format.
  •    Self-studying Semester 1 and Semester 2 study material and completing self-study assignments.
  •    Written assignments:
             Semester 1: Five assignments, a ministry project and learning journal
             Semester 2: Five assignments and learning journal
  •    Open book examination, done at home.


Prescribed books 
Semester 1 
 Semester 1 Study Guide ABBO
 How People Change Lane, TS and Tripp, PD 2008
 War of Words Tripp, PD  2000
 When People are Big and God is Small Welch, ET  1997
Recommended books
 A Theology of Christian Counseling Adams, Jay E  1979
 The Christian Counselor's Manual Adams, Jay E  1973
Semester 2
 Semester 2 Study Guide ABBO
 Christian Living in the Home Adams, Jay E  1979
 The Marriage Builder Crabb, L  1992

Good Neighbours Bookshop - 011 704 1857; 012 993 4606; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry Requirement: Grade 12

Qualification: A Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the Course 1 examination

Duration of course:  One year

Contact sessions: 08:00 - 15:00. CALENDAR

   GAUTENG, Pretoria : Radio Pulpit Conference Hall, 42 Jacobus Street, Kilner Park, PRETORIA
   NORTH WEST, Potchefstroom :  Duet Church, 5 Govan Mbeki Ave, Van der Hoff Park
   WESTERN CAPE, Somerset West :  Offices 38,39, Office Block 1, Baker Square, De Beer Street, Somerset West

Study leader:  Johan Eloff and others

Registration:  ABBO - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Website

  •     Complete entry form
  •     Pay Deposit of R1500.00
  •     Use NAME and SURNAME as reference
  •     Fax / e-mail completed entry form and R1500 proof-of-payment slip to ABBO

Tuition fees
Total:          R7400.00
Deposit:      R1500.00
The balance of R5900.00 is payable as, 

  •     Once off payment at registration
  •     10 x R590.00 payments, deposited directly or electronic fund transfer
  •     Fax deposit slip after every payment

Contact details

Tel : 012 334 1286
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Fax : 086 665 5473
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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