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Welcome to the ABBO website!


ABBO's purpose is to equip individuals to grow and change in a Biblical way in their thinking and doing, and to provide opportunities for them to guide others, in and around South Africa, to change likewise.


1. To provide counselling training through:

  • the ABBO counselling courses
  •       Course 1 - Biblical Counselling - distance learning
  •       Course 2 - The Practice of Biblical Counselling
  •       Course 3 - Advanced Course in the Practice of Biblical Counselling
  •       Course 4 - Biblical Mentoring
  •       Course 5 - Biblical Trauma Counselling
  •       Course 6 - Biblical Child & Family Counselling


  • individual and group interaction and seminars
  • Course 1 contact sessions are presented in 3 provinces
    • Gauteng, Pretoria
    • North West, Potchefstroom
    • Western Cape, Somerset West


2. Create opportunities for counselling through:


Foundational Principles

The following statements form the foundation of ABBO's approach:

  •     We recognize the Bible as the inspired Word of God.
  •     We use the Bible as source and standards for our counselling approach and practice.
  •     Our understanding and use of Scripture rest on reformational expository principles.
  •     Insights from theology and social sciences are tested against Scripture.
  •     Individuals are guided towards finding their identity in Christ and living their unique life purpose.
  •     We believe in holistic change: both in the heart and behaviour of people.
  •     People in need are ministered to regardless of their religious convictions, denomination, race, language or gender.
  •     We aspire to transparency, accountability, effectiveness and excellence.
  •     We serve our fellow-humans for the love of, to the glory of and as commanded by the triune God.